Product Launch & Marketing

Go-To-Market Planning & Implementation

Highland Team can plan all elements of a product launch including:

  • plans and timelines
  • management
  • introduction and communications to key influencers, customers, prospects, press, field, channel partners and internal employees
  • creation of product marketing materials
  • sales tools
  • implementing introduction events
  • overseeing all communication activities

Ensure sales force readiness and plan the critical launch of your company or products, including rollout plans, communications plans, and messaging.

Once your product is launched we continue to assist with the marketing, working with clients on:

  • Beta site selection and management
  • developing outbound messaging
  • creating product demos
  • developing content, blogs, and social media posts
  • creating sales force launch tools and materials

And anything else needed to ensure the success of your product.

Let us help you get started. Contact us today.

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